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April 1, 2013: The Not Even Ready For Bumper-Sticker Philosophy

Brought to you by Blah, Blah, Blah, a division of Book-in-a-Drawer Publications. Trademarked, copyrighted, imprinted, branded, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member. Groucho Marx Tough to type as my hands hurt from handling barbed-wire to repair a fence my neighbor’s horses have broken down. Of […]

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eThoughts : Sometimes I Doan Wanna Pay Attention Any More

Motivation. Hmmm. Sometimes I get lost. What are we doing exactly? I get survival. Seems like a way to keep a certain constancy. There’s some comfort in that. However, one problem with trying to maintain constancy in a dynamic environment is massive energy expenditure. Calorically, it can be a bad return on investment. Unless one […]

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eThoughts : January 1, 2010: Holiday Adventures

Christmas 2009 was amazing. My entire family, excluding my brother, showed up and stayed around for a bit. My sister brought her two dogs and my son brought his. I’ve not had animals in the house for a long time, short of accidentally when my one remaining pet shoots past the unaware. And though my […]

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eThoughts : November 15, 2008: Truth, Belief, and Wisdom

After the fiasco of the majority vote for California’s Prop 8—the one that defines marriage as between a man and a woman—I think it time to point a finger at belief. Before heading out on this musing, I think it may behoove us to go over philosophy’s basic tests of truth. The first one I’ll […]

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eThoughts : July 1, 2008: Vulnerability, Part I

Okay, I could write about a lot of contemporary things like the credit crunch, the collapsing housing market, gasoline prices, global warming, the presidential election, etc. (note to the sarcastic ones out there: I didn’t say I could write about them well, I just said write). But a lot of people, and competent ones at […]

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eThoughts : Politics, Voting, and Slogans

Super Tuesday is coming quickly and it’s time to do the preliminary casting of votes for President. Naturally, I’ve got some thoughts about that. I’m casting my vote at this time for Barack Obama. We’ll see what the fall brings. Here’s the way I see it: I gave the nod to Obama because I’m assuming […]

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