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eThoughts : The Arrow of Direction

“It was more like an affair, ego is your master.” There are lots of ways to configure this–chaos is the master, slovenliness, craving, and so on. At the heart of the issue are two things: what is really guiding us, and do we know it? From the awareness of these two questions arises yet another: […]

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eThoughts : The Mind and the Evolution of Evaluation

(For another look at the structure of the mind, go to: Chapter 26: It’s Not So Easy Feeling Good of Renewal.) What’s the mind for? Let’s start with the brain. Generally speaking (we’ll leave viruses and bacteria out of this rendition), it appears that entities that do not have to move, do not have a […]

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eThoughts : On Being Incompetent: What’s our Definition?

Did you ever wonder about those days (or weeks, months, years, decades…) in which we cannot seem to assimilate information correctly and/or we cannot seem to contribute a darn thing (I’m using polite language) that has any merit to anything or anybody? When it happens to me, it seems like I’m an incompetent acrobat dancing […]

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eThoughts : Ordinary and Non-Ordinary: The Pursuit of Specialness

Written just after the start of the New Year, 2004. More than thirty years ago I read a book entitled Two Leggings: The Making of a Crow Warrior, by Peter Nabokov (original copyright in 1967; Apollo Edition, 1970). As I recall, it was a story about being more or less ordinary. Two Leggings never quite […]

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eThoughts : Holiday Thoughts: Some Considerations

Written during the 2003 December/January holiday season. (For more Holiday thoughts, go to: Holiday Thoughts for 2004 and 2004 Holiday Thoughts Continued or Holiday Thoughts for 2005 and 2005 Holiday Thoughts Continued, or Holiday Thoughts: 2006 and We Are and the Age of Clarity .) As we approach another holiday season, I have been thinking […]

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