More Same Ol’, Same Ol’: November 25, 2013

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Let’s pretend there’s Karma—after all, stories can be rather useful in finding a truth. That’s not to say there is or isn’t Karma, but it is to say that in situations like this, we know the truth is we’re telling a story.

So here’s our story: Karma is always just and it’s a doorway, not a wall. Karma doesn’t mean that one has to pay, it means that one has to keep track—to take in and arrange as much information as possible and then to behave accordingly.

Of course some information doesn’t come in “normal” ways—as in the void that is vibrant. Like water in a fast-moving stream, that vibrant void is astonishingly changeable, yet astonishingly the same. That apparent paradox can blow one’s mind—which is exactly what one occasionally needs to get back on track.

Bonus Round?:
At least for beings like me, that vibrant void and constant tracking can be exhausting. A good glass of wine, a safe spot, at least a few safe friends whether they’re there or not, and a great bed is a good place to be exhausted—which is sometimes why I really appreciate sleep.

Bonus Round II?:
Hmmm, did this just get to why we die?

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  1. Lyla says:

    Hhhmmm I’m wondering about the word safe? Safety comes to those who make others safe. Why would someone not be safe

    • Travis Gibbs says:

      I’m not sure about the “safe” you’re referring to, Lyla. However, I’m not so sure that safety’s direction is from someone to someone and then it naturally comes back to the originator. Seems like more than a few folks bite the hand that feeds them–and that is an entirely objectively view, not related to my personal history.

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