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eThoughts : April 1, 2010: Extinction

There’s more to extinction than dinosaurs. In terms of Pavlovian or Skinnerian psychology, extinction is the apparent loss of associations between stimuli that had previously been learned. You know, repeatedly ring a bell and put down food and a dog will eventually associate the ringing bell with food and begin drooling at the sound of […]

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eThoughts : April 1, 2009: Psychology Runs Through It

  For those of you (such as Tom Cruise) ready to leap on the title as a product of a mental disorder, I’m not suggesting that psychology is really God. I’m suggesting that in any human endeavor that aspires to ascertain, create, or attach meaning, psychology is involved. Heck, even fact finding is about psychology, […]

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eThoughts : Psychology and the Economy: A Psychological Stimulus Package?

Recently I had a discussion with a woman who has a client—an author—interested in discussing, via the radio, the rise of unemployment during this economic crisis. My input was that unsought unemployment was the psychological equivalent of abandonment and associated with feelings of suffering, scarcity, and helplessness. This is especially true of midlife humans in […]

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eThoughts : Psychology and the Media

I object, strenuously, about entertainment masquerading as psychological therapy. Most of you can guess that I’m talking about psychologists (real or imagined) who have radio or television shows and who purport to be helping others by showcasing (parading?) their guests’ (clients?) maladies in front of an audience. Oh I’m sure that all of the legal […]

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