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eThoughts : Our Relationship and Influence With Perception

One thing about the involvement/no involvement paradox is that it is always about involvement. Even a hermit is involved in one way or the other. Spring break looms and my lady friend and I are headed to Kauai. Besides being a professor, I’m also an Academic Senate President. That means that vacations are not the […]

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eThoughts : September 1, 2009: This and That, Part I

It’s been an interesting summer vacationing and getting things accomplished. The house and land are pretty well handled, though when I returned from my last vacation of the summer, I returned to a couple of non-working irrigation valves, a kitchen faucet that leaks a bit, and a toilet that now really won’t fill up. And […]

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eThoughts : More about Wanderlust

I celebrated my 25th birthday at the base of the Matterhorn that summer of 1972. I told no one and it was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. It had been a journey to get there. I had eschewed a business, a marriage, and college. I knew that I needed to get out […]

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eThoughts : August 1, 2008: Wanderlust Begins Again: Random Musings Before a Journey

Vacations are important, but getting ready to leave the home fires and returning to see if all is well can be very taxing—that to-do list can be quite an alpha in one’s life. However, this particular vacation is significant as I’ve not been back to Europe since my wandering days, during which I spent about […]

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eThoughts : Vacations, Part II

For many, many years it has been a practice of ours to take a family vacation. Even when my children moved out and started their own adult lives, we kept the tradition. This year my oldest daughter procured a free condo—a very nice condo I may add—overlooking the bay in Monterey, California. This is the […]

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