September 9, 2013: The Not Even Ready for Bumper-Sticker Philosophy

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The barometer of our evolution towards getting it right is our attitude. Much of human attitude stews in our resentment. We resent. Perhaps it’s about being born, a kind of abandonment. Perhaps it’s about needing so much to just survive, much less thrive. It’s always something, as the saying goes. Humor helps, art helps. Place, as in marriage, friends, family, and culture, can help. Space, as in room to breathe, can help. I suppose institutional religion can help. Sports can. But those things are islands in the sea of our resentment. And there is always a storm brewing in those waters.

What if we stopped resenting, even if we continue to have precarious lives? What if we acted without resentment? A few less lit fuses, methinks.

Maybe someday I’ll be able to drop the resentment. For now, I guess there’s humor, etc.

Bonus Round:

Resentment is stuff. Peace is space to live and breathe. Maybe if we de-emphasized stuff a bit?

I dunno, being pissed off seems more lively than just breathing deeply.

Time for a week of meetings. I wonder how it would go if I just sat there breathing deeply?

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  1. Lyla says:

    i wasn’t able to get in to your class one of my friends told me about your blog wooldnt resentment be because someone doesnt have control? whne people say they resentment me it makes me feel like their trying to control me or make me feel gulty

    • Travis Gibbs says:

      Resentment certainly does seem to have something to do with lack of control. It could also be that resenting another would be a form of control, though I suspect that sometimes resentment could also be a form of jealousy, which is more about the jealous person than the one they’re jealous about…

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