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eThoughts : October 1, 2009: Soul Mates

The concept of having a soul mate almost always refers to a human-to-human relationship, though some humans seem to have animal pets as soul mates (as opposed to human pets—and don’t send your cards and letters to me, it’s a legitimate observation). And the concept of soul mate always seems to infer a good thing, […]

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eThoughts : Our Yes and Our No, Part II

And then there’s the issue of affirmation, saying and hearing yes. As you might have guessed, there might be some potholes in this road as well. While we can spend a lot of time closing in on ourselves and others by saying no, saying yes on the other hand can be seen as an expansion, […]

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eThoughts : Ahhh, Depression

Depression is inevitable, however it manifests itself. It’s a depressing world. More often than not, it’s depressing interacting with people. More often than not, our politics are depressing, our work is depressing, it’s depressing we don’t play more often, it’s depressing that things seem to be getting worse. It’s depressing how long a list it […]

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eThoughts : The Soul of Us

What if we defined and lived like soul is a state of being nurtured? What if our work not only brought us money, but peace and healing? What if our schools taught in such a way that students felt it safe to learn—that being wrong and having time to learn were positive and basic ways […]

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Renewal Seven : Asking For Support

All this philosophical ranting and raving eventually has to give way to the behavioral manifestations in our lives. And so it has. I had a particularly hard time with my daughter yesterday. Though nearly 21 and soon to be a senior in college, I suspect that I’ve been overly protective. She has become an expert […]

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