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November 1, 2016: Excalibur, Betrayal, Acceptance, and Love

Acceptance is reserved for those times and places where nothing else good can be accomplished. Hoo-nōs Considering all the good that can be accomplished, true acceptance is a rather rare occurrence. Temporary acceptance is another issue, as in getting some rest before the next effort to contribute some good. Let’s call the effort to contribute […]

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eThoughts : Courage

Forget the dictionary definition on this one—we’re venturing forth without it. What does it take to realize and practice freedom and determinism, the consequences of each, along with acceptance and goodness of fit? I’m thinking it takes realizing and practicing our courage. I think we should lift the veil that makes courage an attribute for […]

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eThoughts : March 1, 2012: Goodness of Fit

Okay, freedom seems to interact with determinism and vice versa. There are consequences in any case. Acceptance of the consequences, despite how much work we might face because of those consequences, seems important for our overall health. Besides, if we fully understand there are consequences as a result of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, we might […]

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eThoughts : Consequences, Part II

Perhaps consequences have not much been the lead sled dog in our framing of reality because arguments about freedom or determinism or morality seem so much more spectacular, if a bit ambiguous. For instance we can be inundated with dictums such as, be good go to heaven, be bad go to hell. Kill for sport […]

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eThoughts : May 1, 2009: Conflict

The mark of civility cannot be solely measured by our ability to be courteous and considerate to others, but must include the ability to handle conflict in a constructive manner. In fact, if we can do that, the rest comes naturally. What most of us do much of the time is to practice being courteous […]

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eThoughts : March 1, 2009: Intimacy

Let’s start with a human relationship definition and not a completely dictionary one: Deep intimacy is the sharing, acceptance, and growth (declines can lead to growth in truly intimate relationships) between two or more people of all things personal, including strengths and vulnerabilities. This definition is not just about the individuals involved, but includes the […]

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