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eThoughts : Holiday Thoughts, Part II

Continuing in the spirit of being thankful for all we do wrong, let’s grin a bit and keep ‘er going. All right, humans are directionally challenged. For all of our intent, our behaviors are like a shotgun blast on a distribution chart—all over the place with no real arrow of direction. Our attentions are so […]

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eThoughts : November 1, 2011: Intimacy is Not One Thing

I was talking with a woman recently about various things. Along the way, intimacy came up. She railed about that. Intimacy, she claimed, is not about talking, intimacy is about being. If one talks about intimacy, that is not only not intimacy, it actually detracts from intimacy. She then proceeded to ask me what I […]

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eThoughts : Conversations With a Magical Raven

Brought to you by Adventures in the Wilderness,™ a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications.™ After my conversation with Deer, I walked the fifteen or twenty minutes from the lake back to my campsite. I made some tea and moved about while enjoying the tea and the beginnings of evening. Soon I found myself exploring what had […]

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eThoughts : September, 1, 2011: Conversations With a Magical Deer

Brought to you by Adventures in the Wilderness,™ a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications.™ I was napping in my camping hammock (eleven ounces and worth every cent) by a lake in the mountains, near where my camp was, when I was awakened by a deer moving about. Apparently the deer had not noticed me or noticed […]

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eThoughts : September 1, 2010: Leadership and Intimacy

I read many years ago that managers try to do things right and leaders try to do the right thing. I’ll take that as those who manage try to follow established guidelines and those who lead try to create new and appropriate guidelines. It is my thought as well, that leaders are simply those who […]

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eThoughts : Passion and Commitment

Besides the role of intimacy in interpersonal relationships, passion and commitment are considered by many to round out the best of relationships. Keep in mind that these big three are not meant to have a static relationship, rather that the three interact in such a way that sometimes intimacy is the lead, at other points […]

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eThoughts : March 1, 2009: Intimacy

Let’s start with a human relationship definition and not a completely dictionary one: Deep intimacy is the sharing, acceptance, and growth (declines can lead to growth in truly intimate relationships) between two or more people of all things personal, including strengths and vulnerabilities. This definition is not just about the individuals involved, but includes the […]

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eThoughts : More about Wanderlust

I celebrated my 25th birthday at the base of the Matterhorn that summer of 1972. I told no one and it was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had. It had been a journey to get there. I had eschewed a business, a marriage, and college. I knew that I needed to get out […]

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