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eThoughts : Leadership and Awareness: Who or What is in Charge?

Do you know why we like babies? They’re innocent, as in not running the world through their experience. Do not get me wrong, babies are not born with a blank slate—a tabula rasa—they are born with personalities, and hence with certain predilections. Babies clearly influence their learning. However, as babies, their predilections are not their […]

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eThoughts : September 1, 2010: Leadership and Intimacy

I read many years ago that managers try to do things right and leaders try to do the right thing. I’ll take that as those who manage try to follow established guidelines and those who lead try to create new and appropriate guidelines. It is my thought as well, that leaders are simply those who […]

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eThoughts : November 1, 2008: Election Time

Sometime back, before the primaries, I wrote in one of these posts about my support of Barack Obama. I also noted at various other times, both before and after that post, about my take on politicians. I’m staying with Obama and I’m staying with my take on politicians. The kind of person it will take […]

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