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eThoughts : September 1, 2010: Leadership and Intimacy

I read many years ago that managers try to do things right and leaders try to do the right thing. I’ll take that as those who manage try to follow established guidelines and those who lead try to create new and appropriate guidelines. It is my thought as well, that leaders are simply those who […]

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eThoughts: November 1, 2009: Songs, Part I ©2009. All rights reserved.

Brought to you by, Really Bad Poetry,™ a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications.™ Cooperation In the late afternoon I walked, Though one of my legs was not cooperating. Or maybe it was I that was not cooperating With my leg. Still we went along, As we all seem to do. Lament There was a song that […]

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eThoughts : Speaking of Commencement…

A funny thing about taking care of each other is that it generally requires each other. A medical doctor is not going to get very far without the cooperation of the patient. An intimate relationship is not going to get very far without the cooperation of both parties (or all the parties—insert your own joke/interpretation […]

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eThoughts : Community

It is clear that the welfare of the community is directly related to the welfare of the individual. Do not think I’m downgrading the importance of the individual. Healthy individuals make up a healthy community. But a healthy community can heal unhealthy individuals much better and faster than the individuals could otherwise do themselves. And […]

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