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eThoughts : Just Beyond Projection, Part II

It was 1972, the year I turned 25, and inflation was afoot—at least in my small economic world. Though the year or two before, I could manage to live on five-dollars a day, I now had to have a budget of six-dollars a day. So, when I bought the car while traveling in France—a 1960 […]

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eThoughts : August 1, 2009: Just Beyond Projection, Part I

It was summer of 1971 and we were in a later-model Volkswagen Beetle off on the first leg of a three-week tour of the U.S.—well, as much as we could see in that short a time anyway. It was late at night and we were somewhere east of Phoenix, Arizona. The three of us were […]

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eThoughts : Entertainment and Information

I deal in information, and entertainment—well, sometimes, this stuff may be neither. Nonetheless, both can and do go together very nicely. After all, if I cannot capture the attention of students, I often cannot get their attention, which is what they are in school to practice—even if they think they’re only there to increase future […]

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eThoughts : A Call to Politicians

As yet another presidential election looms, and as all you candidates are vying for attention and influence, perhaps it’s time to not do business as usual. Consider a world where influence is less important than well-being. Perhaps it’s actually crazy to think that you can’t do much if you don’t hold office or institutional power. […]

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eThoughts : Ahhh, Dissociation

Yeah, now that I’ve beat up on avoidance as a long-term strategy, let’s talk about the art of dissociation. Yep, we don’t much get along and we don’t much feel good and it doesn’t much look good, despite the pockets of well-being. But embracing depression or whatever is wrong isn’t the same as parading our […]

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eThoughts : Legality and Stewardship

Part of the series It’s All Been Said Before™ (© 2006), a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications.™ Before leaving this line of thinking that has occupied the last few postings, I’m going to take another stab at it. Next time I’ll have to find something a little funnier to write about—too much seriousness seems to make […]

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