About Travis Gibbs

All the efforts at a bio just seem silly. After all, how interesting is a bio from an unknown beta-society member—a standing for which I make no apologies. Besides, the point of any of these writings is not about the author.

Still, I’ve been advised that something should be said, so here’s that something: I’m the father of three, now adult, children, and I have one grandchild, all of whom have changed my life in ways that touch me deeply and will count me one of the lucky humans. I also am part of my former stepson’s family, yet another gift for me, for which I’m profoundly grateful.

I was a full-time psychology professor at a community college–now a Professor Emeritus as I retired in the summer of 2020, just before my 73rd birthday.  That career was also a gift for me and I hope for at least some students as well.

While I appreciate many human institutions like academia, I’ll likely never learn to get on with those who worship personal power and influence–those who want to be right as opposed to getting things right.  But I’m not the lighthouse in the storm or the keeper of anyone else’s gate, so I limit myself to speaking up at times in the sometimes struggle to get things right.

We are all aliens in a Galactic Bar, so there is little reason for self-righteous indignation because of our differences, even while we can be amazed at those differences.  That’s what this “blog” is about–reaching out and giving voice to our differences and our similarities, in the spirit of learning, playing, and connecting, even if it gets tangled up at times.  After all, there are a lot of paradoxes to navigate so we might as well have a bit of fun while we journey.

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