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eThoughts : April 1, 2012: To Be Involved or Not To Be Involved—That is the Question

Interpersonal interactions can be a bit frustrating. One wouldn’t think there would be so much politics in such interactions, but alas… I get we’re all scared in some way or another. We all need help in some way or another. But until we learn that we don’t need others to be lesser for us to […]

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eThoughts : April 1, 2011: Trying to Find Joy in Purgatorio

It’s been a bit serious lately: Clear shifts in political structure in the Middle East, a new war with Libya, our continuing war in Afghanistan, the earth rumbling off the eastern coast of Japan and the resulting tsunami and nuclear reactor problems, continuing global economic hardships, etc. And none of the above is about all […]

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eThoughts : Helping All of Us

Lots of rhetoric in the previous post—almost like I was running for office. I’m not. I am interested in all of us being well. And I’m interested in that for very selfish reasons—I literally function better when all of us are happy. Want to know why we are so much better at enduring misery rather […]

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eThoughts : Purgatorio and Presidential Elections

I do not like the politics of hate, or of dislike, or of ego-epics. When hate is so generalized, it cannot serve the truth, it can only be self-serving. Is there any religious group that is unilaterally evil? Is there any political party that is unilaterally evil? And so on. Generalities are fine in some […]

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eThoughts : Politics, Voting, and Economics

There is a political saying that people vote their pocket books. While that statement seems true, the problem is the timeframe—immediate pocket books or long-term, or both? Mostly immediate it looks like. That’s not wisdom, that’s just plain preadolescent—no offense to preadolescents. Boom or bust, bears or bulls, inflation or recession and robust or economic […]

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