eThoughts : April 1, 2011: Trying to Find Joy in Purgatorio

It’s been a bit serious lately: Clear shifts in political structure in the Middle East, a new war with Libya, our continuing war in Afghanistan, the earth rumbling off the eastern coast of Japan and the resulting tsunami and nuclear reactor problems, continuing global economic hardships, etc.

And none of the above is about all the unfortunately usual individual issues, such as rape, murder, molestation, starvation, illness…

Some of these problems like earthquakes and tsunamis we can do little about, though we can do much to prepare as best we can. Many, if not most, of these problems are created and perpetuated by us.

Welcome to Purgatorio, where life can be bearable, but not quite right.

And I’m an optimist—or else I’d say welcome to Inferno.

Any other optimistic outlooks out there? You bet! Apparently there are many who think they are on the leading edge of this solution or that solution, many who are attempting to brighten-up people and move them towards the “correct” evolutionary path. Historically, we do have way better technology, but our ideas for achieving peace and contentment just seem to go off in as many directions as there are directions to go. In that regard, I kind of agree with a friend of mine who said so many of these folks are just “people busy blowing sunshine up one another’s ass.”

Welcome to Purgatorio again, where we should expect a cacophony of misleading utterances, feelings, and cognitions.

So, is what we have simply the art of finding joy in Purgatorio—as long as we’re here, we might as well make the best of it, right?

Anyone wonder why we’re here? Ever find it interesting the yea-sayers and the nay-sayers are ambling about in the same area? Or is the prevailing idea that the nay-sayers are stuck and the yea-sayers are not really Purgatorians, they are the angels, the allies, the Paradiso reps (the Paradisians) simply trying to help by showing us the way? Anyone feeling any sunshine anywhere? I mean how do we tell the difference between folks without a roster?

Dang, I can hear the thundering guru-group stampede, flush with benevolent smiles and righteous answers and solutions, beseeching us to join in the festivities—a linguistic and emotive/cognitive variation of Spain’s running with the bulls methinks (though a lot more dangerous).

It’s Purgatorio after all and I’m a bit nervous around stampedes. I think I’ll misbehave instead…

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