"What if we learned that experience, though necessary, can contaminate awareness?"
Travis Gibbs

Welcome to TravisGibbs.com

While you're here, you'll probably find some things to like and perhaps some things to criticize, but to go so far as to either venerate or denigrate what is written misses the point. The entire exercise is about questioning what we do and how we think and live, it is not meant to represent the burning bush of truth.

Welcome to the ride…

Current Thoughts

May 1, 2023: The Big Pretend

You cannot wake a person who is pretending […]

April 2, 2023: Inflammation

A scar is what happens when the word […]


Travis Gibbs is a "certified" Beta- Society Member.

When he was younger, he traveled on $6 a day for the better part of six years.

He used to own a fast-food franchise.

He was a landscape contractor, owning and operating a commercial landscape business.

He is a full professor of psychology, teaching at the community college level.

He has a Ph.D. in industrial/organizational psychology.

He has a family of three, now grown adults, along with one grandchild.

So what about all of the above?

He's very grateful, that's what.