Renewal is based on a journal that was mostly written between April and July of 2002 (chapter 70, the postscript, was written in January of 2003). As with most journals, the thoughts and feelings expressed in this work tend to come back in certain chapters–marking the rhythm and process, if not progress, of learning and integrating feelings, thoughts, and events. Basically, this story is about rediscovering the ability to renew our essential humanity as we create and journey through experience and interpretation.

I share this process in the hope it will remind us we have the ability to recognize that our experiences do not have to encumber or enslave awareness, but that our health and well-being occur when we use awareness to set our experiences free.

Renewal is available in paperback directly through the publisher, AuthorHouse (, for $16.00 plus S&H. The book is also available through, Barnes and Noble, etc., for approximately $19.00 plus S&H. However, I will continue to leave Renewal on the website where it can be read for free.

Thank you,
Travis Gibbs


Table of Contents:





Chasing Our Tails


Critical Periods


Polishing Both Sides Of The Coin


Stories With Sharp Teeth


Closing Down Is A Hard Way To Open Up


Choice Eventually Limits Choice


Asking For Support


Love As Promises, Bargaining, Sales, And Consumption


We’re Learning What?

Ten –

Be Aware; Education At Work


It Is Difficult To See That One Cannot See


Not Having A Choice May Actually Be The Beginning Of Freedom


The Hamster Wheel Of Our Existence


We Are Both The Gatekeeper And The Internee


One Does Zen To Not Do Zen


We Don’t Make Truth Or Love


False Positives Keep Us Bound, False Negatives Keep Us Busy


Awareness Comes Along With Irony


Perhaps Freud Missed A Defense Mechanism


Being A Fool With Dignity

Twenty one-

The Journey From Insanity Is Likely To Seem Insane

Twenty Two-

Our Guidance Doesn’t Fail Us, Our Fear Does

Twenty Three-

We Actually Do What Works For Us

Twenty Four-

Resetting The Compass

Twenty Five-

Transforming Affliction Into Vision

Twenty Six-

It Is Not So Easy Feeling Good

Twenty Seven-

Learning Takes A Lot Of Rest

Twenty Eight-

Being Top Dog Is Not Absolute

Twenty Nine-

Dancing With Prediction And Control

Thirty –

Sometimes It’s Easier To Sleep

Thirty One-

No One Lives Or Dies In Vain

Thirty Two-

Nurturing Day

Thirty Three-

The Last Page In The Book Of Wisdom Is A Mirror

Thirty Four-

Sometimes Not Believing In Ourselves Is A Good Thing

Thirty Five-

Why Carry A Cross Silently?

Thirty Six-

Fewer Obligations, More Nurturing

Thirty Seven-

Getting An Honor Is Getting Humble

Thirty Eight-

What Goes Up May Come Down

Thirty Nine-

Riding A Barrel Over The Falls

Forty –

It’s Hard To Hold Another’s Heart If You Don’t Know Your Own

Forty One-

It’s A Two-Million-Year-Old Nervous System

Forty Two-

Confusing Our Mission

Forty Three-

It Takes A Space To Create

Forty Four-

The Problem With Cycles

Forty Five-

No One Part Of Us Should Run The Show, But No Part Should Be Left Out

Forty Six-

Just Another Visitor To The Galactic Bar

Forty Seven-

It Is Not The Shedding Of Blood That Brings Us Together Or Preserves our Freedom, It is Forgiveness And Humility

Forty Eight-

Line Of Sight Versus Instrument Flight

Forty Nine-

Drama, Hormones, Or The Stars?

Fifty –

The Guard Dogs Got Old

Fifty One-

Our Job Is To Not Make Love Work So Hard

Fifty Two-

The Strength And Fragility Of Hope

Fifty Three-

With Great Humility And Great Dignity, Wholeness Has Its Way

Fifty Four-

Volitional Evolution Revisited

Fifty Five-

The Best Answers Arise In The Space Between Thought And Deed

Fifty Six-

The Template-less Template

Fifty Seven-

Uncertainty Has A Certain Kind Of Ring To It

Fifty Eight-

May Honest Feelings Bring Great Peace

Fifty Nine –

The Mutable Immutables

Sixty –

Sometimes There May Be Learning After All

Sixty One-

We Are Wealthy Beyond Our Wildest Dreams When It Comes To Finding Things To Laugh About

Sixty Two-

Allowing Energy To Freely Move

Sixty Three-

The Paradox Is Complete, Creation Continues

Sixty Four-

Be Careful What You Give Life To, It Can Develop A Life Of Its Own

Sixty Five-

Allowing Love Instead Of Hurt

Sixty Six-

Imprint Turned Prophecy

Sixty Seven-

OBEs, IBEs, And Human Experience

Sixty Eight-

Sacrifice Is Not The Issue, Temperance Is

Sixty Nine-

Timeless Beings In Temporal Bodies

Seventy –

Postscript: “First The Gesture, Then The Grace” (Sarah Ban Breathnach)


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