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eThoughts : Patterns IV

Jan 1, 2005, now 7:15 p.m. and my neighbors’ dogs, one neighbor’s dogs in particular, have been at it for well over an hour. I was in my house on my 2.5 acres (the size of many parcels in this area), sitting in my living room, close to the fireplace, a good 64 feet of […]

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eThoughts : Patterns III (January, 2005)

The New Year is a good time for recapitulation amidst the celebration, a time to re-visit how we see things, how we relate, and how our relationships are doing. Though it seems silly to me in many ways, relationships of long ago seemed to have found their way back. Hibernation is not just for some […]

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eThoughts : Patterns II (June, 2004)

I recently visited a couple I have not seen for over 5 years and we talked, among other things, about past relationships, love, loss, recapitulation, and renewal. As I heard it from them, my problem with thoughts like those in Renewal, is that I’m blocking the possibility of having a new intimate relationship because I’m […]

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eThoughts : Patterns I (Originally written in January of 1999)

An Ode To Us: Emotional Hummingbirds, Sun Spot Cycles, and Romantic Dinosaurs. She calls and says she wants to have dinner and she says I am her favorite past love and that she was wrong about trying to make me fit her mold and that I’m actually okay and she now understands why I’m unhappy […]

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