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eThoughts : We Are

It seems to me that any good relationship deserves an occasional deep look. It’s a risky situation to be sure. Try finding out that the real basis of a relationship is a house of cards. However, we need people and sometimes it’s better to have some kind of relationship than no relationship at all. But […]

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eThoughts : Learning to Listen: The End of Relationship Chaos

When we only hear the pain or embrace in ourselves, we have effectively blocked out a major part of the world around us. Those screams we hear that announce we haven’t received what we want can be siren songs calling us to crash on the cliffs of our fear. And that satisfaction in getting what […]

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eThoughts : A Call to Politicians

As yet another presidential election looms, and as all you candidates are vying for attention and influence, perhaps it’s time to not do business as usual. Consider a world where influence is less important than well-being. Perhaps it’s actually crazy to think that you can’t do much if you don’t hold office or institutional power. […]

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eThoughts : Our Problems: Global or Local?

Part of the series It’s All Been Said Before™ (© 2006), a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications.™ Once again this morning I awoke to the neighbor’s dogs on my property tearing up part of my new redwood deck trying to get at something underneath. The damage is about $150, but the owner knows and the owner […]

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eThoughts : Boundaries and Independence Day

Part of the series Conversations™ (© 2006), a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications.™ Recently, around July 4th—Independence Day, which I thought was significant to the conversion—a friend of mine and I were discussing interpersonal boundaries and the degree of attention that people pay to them. We noted that there were those who were unaware of their […]

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eThoughts : More About Fundamentals

Part of the series It’s All Been Said Before™ (© 2006), a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications™. Perhaps the concept that protecting another’s space is to protect our own (remembering that consideration for both starts with consideration of others) is one fundamental rule of civility. Yet a look at so many daily doings between people reveals […]

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eThoughts : Fundamentals Before Complexity

Instead of standing around acting like our view of reality is the view, maybe we could consider it a view. All right, I know we all know this, but it seems like we spend a lot less time reporting what we see and a lot more time trying to impose it. Ethical and moral reporting […]

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