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eThoughts : Holiday Thoughts, Part II

Continuing in the spirit of being thankful for all we do wrong, let’s grin a bit and keep ‘er going. All right, humans are directionally challenged. For all of our intent, our behaviors are like a shotgun blast on a distribution chart—all over the place with no real arrow of direction. Our attentions are so […]

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eThoughts : January 1, 2009: The Little Things

I recently went to see the movie Seven Pounds, with Will Smith. I liked the movie though I saw the potential to add to the human karma-drama and the need for an epic reconciliation of bad deeds with good ones. I see nothing wrong with doing good, but I suspect that the human propensity to […]

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eThoughts : Random Holiday Thoughts: Part II

You didn’t think I had finished did you? Nope, I only took a breather, and if you’re here, you went to another page. Hey, it’s a kind of commitment on both our parts. Why do we have pets? Have you ever thought about what the word pet actually means? It’s either we have ownership or […]

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eThoughts : Random Holiday Thoughts: Part I, December 2007

Random Holiday Thoughts: Part I, December 2007 It’s not like I’m a guru or anything even close, so this entire topic of sage little thoughts seems ludicrous. And, besides, even if I was capable, why would I be a sage—they either live lonely lives, get killed, kicked out of their countries, or some such thing. […]

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