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eThoughts : August 1, 2012: Dick and Jane, Part I

Brought to you by Keeping It Simple,™ a division of Book-in-Drawer Publications.™ Warning: The following may seem cynical and depressing, but is actually meant to be an inoculation against cynical and depressing. See Dick notice himself. At first others think it’s cute. When Dick is older, others will worry he is self-absorbed. So will Dick. […]

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eThoughts : July 1, 2012: Decisions, Part I

Brought to you by A Beta-Society Member Speaking Up™, a division of Book-in-Drawer Publications™. A “No” uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a “Yes” merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble. Attributed to Mohandas Gandhi The upfront disclaimer is that the following is simply a beta-society member speaking up. I will […]

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eThoughts : June 1, 2011: Reality-Making: Is Our Notion of Time in the Way?

Brought to you by, Knucklehead Philosophy,™ a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications.™ All of these differing human attentions are a bit like the stories of leprechauns or ghosts intersecting with humans and how what we think are realities are only partially true. In other words, such stories are about puncturing our ideas (or other entities’ ideas) […]

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eThoughts : Gaining Wisdom: Checking Belief and Truth With Reality

Both belief and truth are potential tyrannies. Witness California’s passage of Proposition 8 defining marriage as that between a man and a woman. A group of people—homosexuals—are denied marriage. How about the laws, passed by a majority, that governed the interaction of blacks and whites—or not as the case actually was. Separate facilities, no intermingling—including […]

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eThoughts : November 15, 2008: Truth, Belief, and Wisdom

After the fiasco of the majority vote for California’s Prop 8—the one that defines marriage as between a man and a woman—I think it time to point a finger at belief. Before heading out on this musing, I think it may behoove us to go over philosophy’s basic tests of truth. The first one I’ll […]

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Renewal Eleven : It Is Difficult To See That One Cannot See

And then there’s the personal life–again. My former lady friend’s young son visited me recently, staying overnight. I had been nervous about it and wasn’t exactly sure why. I suppose it was because of the reminder. He seemed very happy about it all, forgoing television in favor of talking, bowling, and going on a night […]

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