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eThoughts : Gaining Wisdom: Checking Belief and Truth With Reality

Both belief and truth are potential tyrannies. Witness California’s passage of Proposition 8 defining marriage as that between a man and a woman. A group of people—homosexuals—are denied marriage. How about the laws, passed by a majority, that governed the interaction of blacks and whites—or not as the case actually was. Separate facilities, no intermingling—including […]

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eThoughts : November 15, 2008: Truth, Belief, and Wisdom

After the fiasco of the majority vote for California’s Prop 8—the one that defines marriage as between a man and a woman—I think it time to point a finger at belief. Before heading out on this musing, I think it may behoove us to go over philosophy’s basic tests of truth. The first one I’ll […]

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eThoughts : The Philosophical Umbrella

Part of the series It’s All Been Said Before™ (© 2006), a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications.™ In these perilous times, or in any time, is there one overall perspective that should be guiding humanity? Would such a perspective be the umbrella under which many a behavior and mental process would occur—the ideal-to-construct process? Sometimes it […]

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eThoughts : What is the Truth Again?

So what about the truth? What is it? I was recently engaged in a conversation that seemed to turn into a miscommunication. This kind of thing is not particular to me, it happens to us all. My take was the problem had to do with interpretation (one of us, both of us—I’m not sure). So […]

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