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eThoughts : May 1, 2011: Reality?

Brought to you by, Random Musings After Another Weird Day,™ a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications.™ This reality business is rather interesting—and annoying, at least to the degree we struggle with trying to be clean about our interpretations so they don’t masquerade as facts. But we’re working with a limited apprehensional skill set. And that’s yet […]

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eThoughts : Unfettered Awareness.

Recently I heard part of a discussion between some students about what appeared to be the nature of reality. In response to a student saying they saw the good in everything, another student replied, “Well, I’m realistic.” I blurted out, uninvited, “that doesn’t sound very realistic.” It seems to me that striving to be something […]

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eThoughts : July 1, 2010: Life Doesn’t Repeat Itself, We Do”

I have had occasion lately to think about the human debris field that can be interpersonal relationships. And yep, that includes my screw-ups. And I have had occasion lately to think about the beauty that can be interpersonal relationships. And yep, that includes a contribution or two by yours truly. The debris field doesn’t just […]

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eThoughts : December 1, 2008: Holiday Thoughts

This ought to be an interesting holiday season. The economy is somewhere in the tank with no obvious sign of recovery. War still wages. Belief is more powerful than ever, holding reign over other ways of creating and apprehending reality. It’s a slippery slope and gaining momentum—one foot is on the banana peel and the […]

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eThoughts : What is the Truth Again?

So what about the truth? What is it? I was recently engaged in a conversation that seemed to turn into a miscommunication. This kind of thing is not particular to me, it happens to us all. My take was the problem had to do with interpretation (one of us, both of us—I’m not sure). So […]

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Renewal Eleven : It Is Difficult To See That One Cannot See

And then there’s the personal life–again. My former lady friend’s young son visited me recently, staying overnight. I had been nervous about it and wasn’t exactly sure why. I suppose it was because of the reminder. He seemed very happy about it all, forgoing television in favor of talking, bowling, and going on a night […]

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