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eThoughts : December 1, 2011: Holiday Thoughts, Part I

Resentment may not be a wonderful holiday thought, but resentment is definitely a holiday sentiment. Interesting. And the motivation for resentment? Perhaps it’s because we already feel so pushed around that anything constituting another obligation is bound to be met with resentment. If we were not so overwhelmed, we might feel a bit better about […]

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eThoughts : More Holiday Cheer?

All right, we’ve got this party started I think. Let’s push the envelope of cheer and see what we come up with. It’s called play, folks—and I think we need some of that. Let’s practice something in the spirit of play—not doing what we usually do. Let’s upset the expectation apple cart. I’m not going […]

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eThoughts : December 1, 2008: Holiday Thoughts

This ought to be an interesting holiday season. The economy is somewhere in the tank with no obvious sign of recovery. War still wages. Belief is more powerful than ever, holding reign over other ways of creating and apprehending reality. It’s a slippery slope and gaining momentum—one foot is on the banana peel and the […]

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