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eThoughts : Songs, Part II ©2009

Brought to you by, Really Bad Poetry,™ a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications.™ Listening We were on the phone, Talking. I heard her peeing And the toilet flush. “What? Were you listening?” I had to ask. “I heard you,” she said. I suppose she did, Though she wasn’t listening. But then again, Maybe I only heard […]

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eThoughts : December 1, 2008: Holiday Thoughts

This ought to be an interesting holiday season. The economy is somewhere in the tank with no obvious sign of recovery. War still wages. Belief is more powerful than ever, holding reign over other ways of creating and apprehending reality. It’s a slippery slope and gaining momentum—one foot is on the banana peel and the […]

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eThoughts : Learning to Listen: The End of Relationship Chaos

When we only hear the pain or embrace in ourselves, we have effectively blocked out a major part of the world around us. Those screams we hear that announce we haven’t received what we want can be siren songs calling us to crash on the cliffs of our fear. And that satisfaction in getting what […]

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