August 1, 2023: Magnifique! The In-Between Scene

Over-correcting between beliefs like the I-Ching and the Cha-Ching, are bumper-car behaviors—crashes are ubiquitous, solutions are not. Hoo-nōs

Polarizing stuff can be fun, but is often just bat-shit crazy. Let’s see, we got heaven beckoning and hell threatening, a life-force and a death-reckoning, amazing grace and poison-laced, fool-proof and stuff-poof, searching for space in a place, ad infinitum minus ad finitum. We got liberal and illiberal, conservative and purgative, religion and pidgin, politicians and ambitions. Okay, and we got lots of degrees in all those seas.

We may need to learn about spirals or Fibonacci sequences, etc. (though none will be perfectly predictable) as opposed to all the circling about, overcorrecting along the way. Or we can just die out. Who cares? What does it matter? Wait, we have a history of killing folks for what they mattered, which is how we mattered that mattering. So, we must be mattering something, but why knee-jerk reactions? Let knee-jerk reactions be knee-jerks without becoming jerks? Let’s try slowing it down before we go hostile? Look for the spaces instead of just the places? It is a tough run finding Paradiso when we are looking for some-thing. After all, we were taught a lot of somethings and those somethings apparently have quite a grip, which is why we want to get a grip. The good news? It just might turn out that our get-a-grip altar is one of many altars (we really know this already!). So, we can build altars without being beholden to them as they are (wait for it) symbolic of what we seek. For instance, burning a flag results in a burned flag. Okay, and perhaps an angry mob. But we have more flags. And altars. We have all kinds of symbols we can hold dear, but not at the expense of wasting others and shitting in the space we live.

It is the In-Between Scene and it may cost, but not as much as we are spending on upending. So, let’s get off our duff, dust off our rough and tough, stop being so easy to bluff. Put down the semi-automatic heater and pick up the deluxe bullshit meter. It is in-between the this and that what can help stop the flack and the out-of-whack. The lies that are leaked are not worth the seek, but life itself—c’est magnifique.

The Again Lament

Oh this body very worn,
Oh this life somewhat forlorn.
Let me see the beauty now,
Let me be at peace.
Let me be finally ready,
Ready to let go this angry lease.


Why ask to “let me”?
What will we secede?
Because we cannot see,
We prefer to bleed?

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