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eThoughts : More For a New Year

So, what if the end of the Mayan Calendar—apparently set for December 2012—is correct? How shall we live until then? I’m not suggesting we cash out and spend like crazy—that could be a monetary mess if we keep on living. I am suggesting we cash out on the current economy of our interpersonal interactions. Personally […]

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eThoughts : May 1, 2009: Conflict

The mark of civility cannot be solely measured by our ability to be courteous and considerate to others, but must include the ability to handle conflict in a constructive manner. In fact, if we can do that, the rest comes naturally. What most of us do much of the time is to practice being courteous […]

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eThoughts : Civility vs. Genuineness

Civility is a good thing. Without it there is no telling how much more chaos human interactions would provoke. After all, we live on an incredibly beautiful planet, in a time ripe with the promise of heightened awareness (actually the time has been ripe for some millennia), yet populated by an abundance of human idiots […]

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eThoughts : More About Fundamentals

Part of the series It’s All Been Said Before™ (© 2006), a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications™. Perhaps the concept that protecting another’s space is to protect our own (remembering that consideration for both starts with consideration of others) is one fundamental rule of civility. Yet a look at so many daily doings between people reveals […]

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eThoughts : Fundamentals Before Complexity

Instead of standing around acting like our view of reality is the view, maybe we could consider it a view. All right, I know we all know this, but it seems like we spend a lot less time reporting what we see and a lot more time trying to impose it. Ethical and moral reporting […]

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