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eThoughts : April 1, 2012: To Be Involved or Not To Be Involved—That is the Question

Interpersonal interactions can be a bit frustrating. One wouldn’t think there would be so much politics in such interactions, but alas… I get we’re all scared in some way or another. We all need help in some way or another. But until we learn that we don’t need others to be lesser for us to […]

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eThoughts : October 1, 2011: Badges, Prison Stripes, and Other Defining Garb

Brought to you by Theater of the Mind,™ a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications.™ Sometime in the early 1970s, Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University ran an experiment called the Stanford Prison Experiment. It was terminated after about one week. I am going to take the idea and run with it, though I’m not the first and […]

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eThoughts : May 1, 2009: Conflict

The mark of civility cannot be solely measured by our ability to be courteous and considerate to others, but must include the ability to handle conflict in a constructive manner. In fact, if we can do that, the rest comes naturally. What most of us do much of the time is to practice being courteous […]

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