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eThoughts : Holiday Thoughts, Part II.

I do like appearances, both for their help in my apprehension of reality and for the beauty of their existence. My choices are my preferences. I understand this. I do not celebrate my preferences as though they should be others’, I celebrate them because they are part of my apprehension. Celebrating Preferences I celebrate a […]

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eThoughts : March 1, 2010: Doing Much of Nothing

Apparently life is a lot more difficult when one is a newbie at this physical rehabilitation stuff. But newbie or not, and realizing that so many are doing so much more and with likely a lot less to work with, I’m still struggling with trying to heal and to continue on with my life. It […]

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Energy is available to us all of the time—there is no shortage of it.

At best, such a statement sounds a bit contradictory doesn’t it? At worst, the statement sounds like an outright lie. We all have experienced a lack of energy. We live in a world where people die because there is not enough water or food, or warmth or cool, or medicine, goodness, wellbeing, etc. So how […]

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eThoughts : Ahhh, Depression

Depression is inevitable, however it manifests itself. It’s a depressing world. More often than not, it’s depressing interacting with people. More often than not, our politics are depressing, our work is depressing, it’s depressing we don’t play more often, it’s depressing that things seem to be getting worse. It’s depressing how long a list it […]

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eThoughts : The Soul of Us

What if we defined and lived like soul is a state of being nurtured? What if our work not only brought us money, but peace and healing? What if our schools taught in such a way that students felt it safe to learn—that being wrong and having time to learn were positive and basic ways […]

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