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eThoughts : December 1, 2008: Holiday Thoughts

This ought to be an interesting holiday season. The economy is somewhere in the tank with no obvious sign of recovery. War still wages. Belief is more powerful than ever, holding reign over other ways of creating and apprehending reality. It’s a slippery slope and gaining momentum—one foot is on the banana peel and the […]

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eThoughts : November 1, 2008: Election Time

Sometime back, before the primaries, I wrote in one of these posts about my support of Barack Obama. I also noted at various other times, both before and after that post, about my take on politicians. I’m staying with Obama and I’m staying with my take on politicians. The kind of person it will take […]

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eThoughts : Purgatorio and Presidential Elections

I do not like the politics of hate, or of dislike, or of ego-epics. When hate is so generalized, it cannot serve the truth, it can only be self-serving. Is there any religious group that is unilaterally evil? Is there any political party that is unilaterally evil? And so on. Generalities are fine in some […]

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