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eThoughts : October 1, 2009: Soul Mates

The concept of having a soul mate almost always refers to a human-to-human relationship, though some humans seem to have animal pets as soul mates (as opposed to human pets—and don’t send your cards and letters to me, it’s a legitimate observation). And the concept of soul mate always seems to infer a good thing, […]

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eThoughts : Helping All of Us

Lots of rhetoric in the previous post—almost like I was running for office. I’m not. I am interested in all of us being well. And I’m interested in that for very selfish reasons—I literally function better when all of us are happy. Want to know why we are so much better at enduring misery rather […]

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eThoughts : November 1, 2008: Election Time

Sometime back, before the primaries, I wrote in one of these posts about my support of Barack Obama. I also noted at various other times, both before and after that post, about my take on politicians. I’m staying with Obama and I’m staying with my take on politicians. The kind of person it will take […]

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eThoughts : Learning to Listen: The End of Relationship Chaos

When we only hear the pain or embrace in ourselves, we have effectively blocked out a major part of the world around us. Those screams we hear that announce we haven’t received what we want can be siren songs calling us to crash on the cliffs of our fear. And that satisfaction in getting what […]

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