eThoughts : Songs, Part II ©2009

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We were on the phone,

I heard her peeing
And the toilet flush.

“What? Were you listening?”
I had to ask.

“I heard you,” she said.

I suppose she did,
Though she wasn’t listening.

But then again,
Maybe I only heard the toilet flush.


There was so much inconsistency.

I checked and double checked.

There was so much inconsistency.

I wondered:
Born of mimicking?
Of marketing?
Of malevolence?
Of exploitation?
Of defense?
Born of fright?

And what wanted to help,
Though it was difficult to tell
Because of so much inconsistency?


They are mostly plentiful
Like air in the wind.

Some move mountains,
Some make them.

Some are foul,
Some fresh.

Some are denser,
Some thin.

Some are wet,
Some dry.

Some are felt,
Some not

Some uplift,
Some degrade.

I wonder,
What will come of the words today?


It is dead
And lying in the road.

The stealthy one caught,
Likely by inattention.

Was it a goal that created
A disconnect?

Was it disease?

It is dead
And lying in the road.

But that is obviously
Not the end of coyote.

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