eThoughts : May 1, 2011: Reality?

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This reality business is rather interesting—and annoying, at least to the degree we struggle with trying to be clean about our interpretations so they don’t masquerade as facts.

But we’re working with a limited apprehensional skill set. And that’s yet a bit more of a nuanced reality. How in the cosmos can we do a good job with a limited toolset?

And then, just when it starts to get really interesting, along comes a myriad of others and their attentions to reality. And a lot of those attentions are simply other cohesive perspectives of reality, rather than loose-cannon ones.

Other cohesive perspectives of reality generally have to be accepted if not embraced. They may seem opposite to our own perspective, but they have internal consistency and strive in their own way to accurately describe reality. However, the loose-cannon perspective is like someone who expends most of their energy trying to justify their life rather than attend to the most accurate description of reality from their point of view.

And when those points of view get competitive, oh wow! Then it becomes about winning, an even further potential loss of nuance—unless one notices the trajectory and corrects it. So how do we, as opposed to the rare individual who can go it alone, figure out how to be impaired in vastly different ways, and yet stay clean enough to transmute our impairment into a clearer vision of reality?

Oh try and storm the gates of such castles!

Or why try?

In specific areas like sports or art or music or comedy, we can come together or not, but generally we do not go to war over such things. It is those disagreements about the “true” nature of reality, the kind of disagreement where we feel drastic action is necessary or someone’s life force might be at unnecessary risk, for which we war. And it is always those we deem impaired that we think created such unnecessary risk—or those whom we deem created such unnecessary risk and thus have to be impaired.

It is interesting to live in a world where we can be ostracized, whether by our own mistake or by another’s or for no seeming reason in creation. Always this danger needing comfort as well as comfort needing danger.

Now where do we go with this reality stuff?

In the midst of massive befuddlement, I wonder if we might just give our imprints a break. It seems like our world is starting to sound like some womb ecologist (no offense to ecologists!) constantly mobilizing us to “look out!” Perhaps we should be looking out for another part of reality, or perhaps we should create another one.

There must be something more than we’ve got so far, something beyond denigration and/or veneration.

It’s still a figure/ground universe—a paradox. What if it wasn’t about the ability to get one side of the paradox of reality, a major relief in chaos nonetheless? What if it was about getting both sides of that paradox?

Clearly annoying for those of us just settling into the house of our creation—it’s time to do what?

I suppose we can continue to create enclaves of safety and call the outsiders various outsider names and live well enough if we meditate enough, love enough, and be loved enough. Oh, yeah, and have stuff, like our version of reality.

But there’s this tantalizing buzz of something else—maybe just another additive pattern, but not without its realization, or creation. And that pattern seems like the difference in clarity—of seeing in black and white versus seeing in color.

Yet another reality contrast—and paradox?

Yep. That’s pretty funny, yet an entirely new way of being.

Sometimes we need some quiet in the midst of so much danger, so much love, and so much change. There is something so alive in the quiet, so full and so peaceful. Yet I wouldn’t want to constantly live in a world without the myriad sounds of life either.

Breathe in, breathe out. Again. There’s a lesson there somewhere…

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