eThoughts : June 1, 2011: Reality-Making: Is Our Notion of Time in the Way?

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All of these differing human attentions are a bit like the stories of leprechauns or ghosts intersecting with humans and how what we think are realities are only partially true. In other words, such stories are about puncturing our ideas (or other entities’ ideas) about the singular nature of reality.

Perhaps it’s just me and my limited attention, but it seems like our state of consciousness takes too much for granted, as in a wall is a wall is a wall, or time is linear and that’s just the way it is. Certainly walls and time can be measured, and thus they have to be the way it is, eh?


Did you ever get the feeling that there is something about time that is really misunderstood? Clearly Albert Einstein brought to bear a different way of seeing time, but I vaguely get this notion that what Einstein proposed is something that our biological beings are not yet capable of getting, like sensing that more colors exist than can be seen, but lacking, short of technology, the sensory ability to have it be more than a viable and probable idea.

Hmmm, do we manifest a thought before we live a manifested reality or do we live in a manifested reality and try and understand it?

Yep, old, old ponderings. Besides, what difference does it make whether multiple planes of existence operate in the same space/time—on occasion or all the time?

What if it didn’t make a difference, but I/we might? What if we already lived in the ingredients to make our reality, and such things as time reality is simply something we do?

Seriously, I’m making myself really nervous thinking like this!

If we lived in this “ingredients to make reality” business, then the only difference would be what we do. But that might be a hard reality to accept, given all of our beliefs that we’ve got to keep one eye on those yellow-eyed predators we know are lurking about. And we do. Because they are, right?

Maybe we should not be drunk with our beliefs or our sense of reality.

Time, with all of its time-based limitations (think getting old, wearing out, running out of time, etc.), is a key ingredient in our reality construction. So, I’m just wondering here if we could see time as something other than limited, then we might acquire an additional tool for creating and living in reality. That creation would be a kind of knowing, an ability to move past mere belief. That creation would not take so much for granted.

Yes, creation takes some work, quite a bit more than understanding creation, methinks. That is especially true when we consider how our biology seems to adapt to “reality.” Overcoming our present biology to realize that what our physical being tells us has a lot to do with what we tell it to tell us in the first place is definitely a challenge.

So, just a bunch of gobbledygook and more reason why people study mechanical engineering or business or chemistry instead of throwing themselves into this kind of mess?

Well, maybe we’re practicing avoidance.

Oh, well—it all takes time, eh?

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