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eThoughts : June 1, 2011: Reality-Making: Is Our Notion of Time in the Way?

Brought to you by, Knucklehead Philosophy,™ a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications.™ All of these differing human attentions are a bit like the stories of leprechauns or ghosts intersecting with humans and how what we think are realities are only partially true. In other words, such stories are about puncturing our ideas (or other entities’ ideas) […]

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eThoughts : April 1, 2009: Psychology Runs Through It

  For those of you (such as Tom Cruise) ready to leap on the title as a product of a mental disorder, I’m not suggesting that psychology is really God. I’m suggesting that in any human endeavor that aspires to ascertain, create, or attach meaning, psychology is involved. Heck, even fact finding is about psychology, […]

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Renewal Sixty-Seven : OBEs, IBEs, And Human Experiences

(For a look at the principles of volitional evolution, go to: Chapter 24: Resetting The Compass. For a look at the role and function of the mind, go to: Chapter 26: It Is Not So Easy Feeling Good.) I ran across a newspaper article recently about research into the connection between the brain and the […]

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