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eThoughts : January 1, 2009: The Little Things

I recently went to see the movie Seven Pounds, with Will Smith. I liked the movie though I saw the potential to add to the human karma-drama and the need for an epic reconciliation of bad deeds with good ones. I see nothing wrong with doing good, but I suspect that the human propensity to […]

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eThoughts : Entertainment and Information

I deal in information, and entertainment—well, sometimes, this stuff may be neither. Nonetheless, both can and do go together very nicely. After all, if I cannot capture the attention of students, I often cannot get their attention, which is what they are in school to practice—even if they think they’re only there to increase future […]

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eThoughts : Psychology and the Media

I object, strenuously, about entertainment masquerading as psychological therapy. Most of you can guess that I’m talking about psychologists (real or imagined) who have radio or television shows and who purport to be helping others by showcasing (parading?) their guests’ (clients?) maladies in front of an audience. Oh I’m sure that all of the legal […]

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