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eThoughts : We Are

It seems to me that any good relationship deserves an occasional deep look. It’s a risky situation to be sure. Try finding out that the real basis of a relationship is a house of cards. However, we need people and sometimes it’s better to have some kind of relationship than no relationship at all. But […]

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eThoughts: Marriage

Why is there so much trouble with marriage? Okay, I don’t have easy answers. But I do have a thought about the societal structure of gender involvement (notice how I dodged the heterosexual versus homosexual issue?). And yes, naysayers, I am divorced. Consider this: Sometimes we learn more about our lives from the mistakes we […]

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eThoughts : Our Yes and Our No, Part II

And then there’s the issue of affirmation, saying and hearing yes. As you might have guessed, there might be some potholes in this road as well. While we can spend a lot of time closing in on ourselves and others by saying no, saying yes on the other hand can be seen as an expansion, […]

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