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eThoughts : November 1, 2011: Intimacy is Not One Thing

I was talking with a woman recently about various things. Along the way, intimacy came up. She railed about that. Intimacy, she claimed, is not about talking, intimacy is about being. If one talks about intimacy, that is not only not intimacy, it actually detracts from intimacy. She then proceeded to ask me what I […]

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eThoughts: Marriage

Why is there so much trouble with marriage? Okay, I don’t have easy answers. But I do have a thought about the societal structure of gender involvement (notice how I dodged the heterosexual versus homosexual issue?). And yes, naysayers, I am divorced. Consider this: Sometimes we learn more about our lives from the mistakes we […]

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eThoughts : Passion and Commitment

Besides the role of intimacy in interpersonal relationships, passion and commitment are considered by many to round out the best of relationships. Keep in mind that these big three are not meant to have a static relationship, rather that the three interact in such a way that sometimes intimacy is the lead, at other points […]

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