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Love as a Construct

Just because love may be basic to the universe, doesn’t mean it doesn’t manifest in many forms.

The Search for Blessedness

The Blessedness/no blessedness; Grace/no grace paradigm.

Imposing versus Implementing Reality

Intimacy and Options

Free to Not Think?

Sometimes Thinking is the Problem

The World and The Road

Evolution and Driving

Dogs and Their People

Evolution and Owning Dogs

Dementia and Attention

Evolution, Dementia and Attention

What is the Truth Again?

That Elusive Entity Called Truth

Holiday Thoughts

Some Holiday Considerations

The Ordinary/Non-Ordinary Paradox

The Pursuit of Specialness

On Being Incompetent

What’s our Definition?

More on Mind

The Evolution of Evaluation

The Arrow of Direction

We’re Going Where?

Conflict and Cahoots

And We Need The Great Conflict?

Freedom, Choice, And Enlightenment

The Role of Attention

More About The Now

Attention and Time

Divergence I

Stream of Consciousness as Poems

Divergence II

Stream of Consciousness as a Short Story

Divergence III

Stream of Consciousness as a Short Story, Part II

Baba Ram Dass and Fierce Grace

Grace May Not Only Be What We Think It Is

Polishing Awareness

Awareness, Experience, Grace, and Creation

More About Intention and Attention

Chakras, Chi, and Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang

Shifting Realities and Attention

Gestalt, Figure/Grounds, and Forgiveness

Starting Anew

The 1960s: Illusion and Promise

Where to Begin?

Starting With Ourselves and Our Neighborhoods

Voting and Democracy

Voting, Freedom, and Choice

Voting and Awareness

About Curtains, Levers, and Wizards

Holiday Thoughts, 2004

About Good Will

Holiday Thoughts, 2004: Part II

About Grace, Again

Patterns I

An Ode To Us: Emotional Hummingbirds, Sun Spot Cycles, and Romantic Dinosaurs

Patterns II

The Slow, Insistent Learning

Patterns III

Times of Recapitulation and Review

Patterns IV

Dogs, Pet Owners, Attention, Inattenion, and Running Appliances

A Sky Made of Shoes

Optimism versus Pessimism

Meanings and Meaninglessness

What in the Cosmos is Meaningless?

Political Thoughts I

“Ownership Society:” Who is in Charge?

Political Thoughts II

“Ownership Society:” Refining Our Ideas

Political Thoughts III

More About an “Ownership Society.”

Political Thoughts IV

Packrat Syndrome and an “Ownership Society.”

Reigning Fiascos

On Justice and Injustice.

The Art of Emptiness and Form

From Egocentric to Holocentric.

Just Wondering

The Question Journey.

The Importance of a Cause

The Noble Conflict Makes the Noble Life?

Intelligent Design, Volitional Evolution, Language and Reality

The Evolution Question.

The Art of Judgments

Making Judgments and not Enemies.

Judgments, Discrimination, and Dehumanization

Making Judgments Without Dehumanizing.

The Art of Drama

Loss, Theatre, and Drama-Making.

The Art of Leaving

Leaving and Change are Not Our Enemies.

Forget About It

The Role of Forgetting.

Obeying and Resistance

Who has the Authority?

Finding Guarantees

What does Life have to Offer?

Been Gone a Long Time

Home is Where You can Freely Breathe


Voting and Choices

The Art of Withdrawal

Leaving Can Be a Good Thing

Holiday Thoughts for 2006

The Art of Consideration

Looking for a Good Used Spaceship

The Gift of Help

New Year’s Thoughts for 2006

Ponderings and Resolutions

New Year’s Thoughts for 2006: Part Deux

Yep, More Ponderings and Resolutions

Some Promise, Little Achievement

Where to Turn When Dreariness Reigns

Emphasize the Promise and Achievement Will Come

Letting Essence Help

Journeying in Purgatorio

Journey, But Don’t Get Stuck

Dogs, Egos, Personality, and Salvation

Moving Beyond the Ego Dogs

Fundamentals Before Complexity

Small Steps First, Bigger Steps Later

Celebrate Eating the Apple?

Forbidden or Necessary Fruit?

The Philosophical Umbrella

What’s Protecting Humanity?

More About Fundamentals

From the Simple to the Complex

Legality and Stewardship

Legal versus Moral Ownership?

Memorial Day, 2006

To Honor Veterans is to Honor Peace

A Letter to Arlee

Relatives are Related

A Letter to the Family

More on Relatives are Related

Boundaries and Independence Day

Independence AND Interdependence

The Practice of Seeing Reality

Towards an Uncontaminated View

Sacred But Not Exclusive, Part I

The Myth of Exclusivity

Sacred But Not Exclusive, Part II

Exclusivity Myths Again

Our Problems: Global or Local?

Big Problems, Local Answers?

Cohort Communities: Housing People of Like Minds

Inattentive Works Best With the Inattentive

The Art of Decentration

Shifting Centric Views?

The Art of Reversibility

Learning By Backtracking

Holiday Thoughts

December 2006

We Are and The Age of Clarity

Next-Step Evolution?

2007 New Year’s Thoughts

Soul, Integrity, and Terror

Struggling vs Suffering

Do We Really Need to Suffer?

Fixing a Hole

Keeping Up With Stuff

Life in the Way of Living

Is Life an Intrusion Upon Our Sacred Space?

Change and Maintenance

The Odd Couple

Possessions, Needs, and Satisfaction

Packrating Love and Beauty?

Journeying in Purgatorio

Talk About a Trip

The Soul of Us

What Do We Contribute?

Ahhh, Depression

The Art of Sad

Ahhh, Dissociation

The Art of Detachment

May 20, 2007: In Memoriam


Change and Stability, Living and Dying

Transitions, Part II

What Our Soldiers are NOT Fighting For

Liberties Taken is Not Freedom Preserved

Individual and Group Intelligence and Retardation

Swarms, Individuals, and Survival

Age of Ignorance?

How Evolved Have We Become?

A Call to Politicians

Institutional versus Personal Power: Get It or Get Gone

Vacations, Part I

Interaction With The Wilderness

Vacations, Part II

Interaction With The Family

Psychology and the Media

Therapy as Entertainment?

Entertainment and Information

Meaning, Attention, and Responsibility

Got Energy?

There’s Enough, Just Know Which Kind

Endings and Forevers

Perhaps There’s Something In-Between

Random Holiday Thoughts: Part I

December 2007

Random Holiday Thoughts: Part II

December 2007, Continued

The Need for Devils, Part I

New Year’s Thoughts: January 2008

The Need for Devils, Part II

2008 New Year’s Thoughts Continued

Politics, Voting, And Slogans

February 1, 2008: Running for Political Office, Part I

Politics, Voting, and Economics

Running for Political Office, Part II

Civility vs Genuineness

March 1, 2008: Being Genuine May Not Always Be Revealing

Expanding vs Narrowing Awareness

Freedom and Awareness

Blame and Fault

April 1, 2008: The Attribution Game

Learning to Listen And Awareness

The End of Relationship Chaos

Our Yes and Our No, Part I

May 1, 2008: Yes Is Affirmation and No Rejection?

Our Yes and Our No, Part II

Setting Limits, Gaining Freedom

Ben Stein’s Movie

June 1, 2008: Facts and Foibles About Evolution?

Communion and Crucifixion

A Thought About Love

Vulnerability, Part I

July 1, 2008: Updating Darwin?

Vulnerability, Part II

Joy at the Expense of Another??

Wanderlust Begins Again

August 1, 2008: Random Musings Before a Journey?

More About Wanderlust

Learning the Art of Hellos and Goodbyes

September 1, 2008: Purgatorians

Blocked Doorways and That Darn Helper Gene?

Purgatorio and Presidential Elections

Purgatorians and Voting

October 1, 2008: The Lazy Mind

Paying Attention Buys Attention

The End of Crucifixions

The Art of Putting Up With Beauty

November 1, 2008: Election Time

Voting and Attention

Helping All of Us

The Art of consideration

November 15, 2008: Truth, Belief, and Wisdom

Awareness Without Perception

Gaining Wisdom

Checking Belief and Truth with Reality

December 1, 2008: Holiday Thoughts

On Having Plenty

More Holiday Cheer?

The Art of Play

January 1, 2009: The Little Things

From Whence Good?

The Big Things?

From Whence Evil?

February 1, 2009: Psychology, Rhetoric, and Grace

Prayer and the Presidential Inauguration

Psychology and the Economy

A Psychological Stimulus Package?

March 1, 2009: Intimacy

What is It?

Passion and Commitment

What are They?

April 1, 2009: Psychology Runs Through It

Psychology and Pretty Much Everything


What Is It?

May 1, 2009: Conflict

It Doesn’t Have to be so Bad


Go Farther Together?

June 1, 2009: To-Do Alphas and Evolution

What’s Important?


Alternate Realities

July 1, 2009: Commencement, Graduation, Discipline, Freedom, And Stewardship

The Three Pillars

Speaking of Commencement…

The Relationship Mess

August 1, 2009: Just Beyond Projection, Part I

Beyond the Horizon

Just Beyond Projection, Part II

Reality Before Humans

September 1, 2009: This and That, Part I

Family Vacations

This and That, Part II

Camping and Health

October 1, 2009: Soul Mates

Less Than We Think?


More Than We Know?

November, 1, 2009: Songs, Part I

Bad Poetry

Songs, Part II

Bad Poety Again

December 1, 1, 2009: Holy-Days, Part I

Many Celebrations

Holy-Days, Part II

The One and The Many

January 1, 2010: Holiday Adventures

Family and Christmas

A New Year and Shifting Identity

Medicine and a “New” Me

February 1, 2010: Pain and Mobility

Pain as a Friend, Pain as a Foe

Clamping Down

And Letting Go

March 1, 2010: Doing Much of Nothing

The Importance of Doing Nothing

The Cognitive/Emotional Strobe-Light Effect and Bumper-Sticker Philosophies

Too Much Craziness

April 1, 2010: Extinction

Some Extinctions Need to Happen

The Extinction of Idiocy

The Cry Over Big Government Versus Individual Rights

May 1, 2010: Conundrum, Part I

The Taker and the Taken

Conundrum, Part II

Being Understood vs. Understanding

June 1, 2010: Rejection, Part I

Memorial Day and the Future

Rejection, Part II

Human Disorders and the Future

July 1, 2010: Life Doesn’t Repeat Itself, We Do

The Art of Framing

Unfettered Awareness

Looking for a Constant?

August 1, 2010: More About Moving Beyond “I Am” to “We Are”

Musings from the Cognitive Outback

We Are

A Little Dose of Courage

September 1, 2010: Leadership and Intimacy

Hierarchies can Impede Development

Leadership and Awareness

Who or What is in Charge?

October 1, 2010: The Change/Stability Paradox

Know Which Horse You’re Riding

Leaning Towards the Light, Enjoying the Shadows, And Loving the Night

Learning to Relate Differently

November 1, 2010: Welcome to My Grandson

Grandfather Musing, Part I

A Grandfather’s Vision

Grandfather Musing, Part II

December 1, 2010: Holiday Thoughts, Part I

Some Things Learned?

Holiday Thoughts, Part II

Let’s Celebrate

January 1, 2011: Auld Lang Syne

The Good, Good-Bye; The Good Hello

More For a New Year

Relationships Are All We Have

February 1, 2011: Sleepless in Nuevo

Gender and the Rationalization Niche

Still Sleepless in Nuevo

It Takes Advertising?

March 1, 2011: Thoughts in Bad Poetic Form

Musings on a Rainy Night

To Breathing

More Musings on a Rainy Night

April 1, 2011: Trying to Find Joy in Purgatorio

It’s a Mess Because it’s Purgatorio, Folks!

Let’s Misbehave

Here’s to Good Misbehaving!

May 1, 2011: Reality?

It’s One Thing?


Reality Theater

June 1, 2011: Reality Making

Is Our Notion of Time in the Way?

The Smartest Person in the World

How Frightening Would That Be?

July 1, 2011: The Slums of Heaven

We can Ding Paradise

The Palaces of Hell

We Can See a Shine in Hell

August 1, 2011: Weirdness

We’re Our Own Problem

More Nonsense?

Knowledge Before Position

September 1, 2011: Conversations With a Magical Deer

Wilderness Adventures

Conversations With a Magical Raven

Wilderness Adventures, Part II

October 1, 2011: Badges, Prison Stripes, And Other Defining Garb

Human Roles

Keeping One’s Head Down and One’s Attention Up

Looking Out

November 1, 2011: Intimacy is Not One Thing

Intimacy as a Collage

Sometimes I Doan Wanna Pay Attention Anymore

Survive or Thrive?

December 1, 2011: Holiday Thoughts, Part I

Odd Gifts

Holiday Thoughts, Part II

The Gift of Being Wrong

January 1, 2012: Clutter, Part I

Reflections on the Past

Clutter, Part II

Reflections on the Future

February 1, 2012: Consequences, Part I

The ABCs of Our Doings

Consequences, Part II

Accepting Consequences

March 1, 2012: Goodness of Fit

We’ve Got to Find the Fit


None Are Left Behind

April 1, 2012: To Be Involved or Not To Be Involved—That is the Question

Retreat or Press On?

Our Relationship and Influence With Perception

Perceptions Are a Stewardship

May 1, 2012: Beauty, Delight, and Adventure

On Getting Away

Wild Boar in a Tree


June 1, 2012: Thriving

Just Surviving Isn’t Good Enough

Slouching Towards Thriving?

Finding the Gleam in a Debris Field

July 1, 2012: Decisions, Part I

The Cooperative Thrive

Decisions, Part II

About Us

August 1, 2012: Dick and Jane, Part I

A Story About Belief

Dick and Jane, Part II

Belief versus Seeing

September 1, 2012: A Grin and Grim Short Story, Part I

In A Beginning

A Grin and Grim Short Story, Part II Learning to Remember

October 1, 2012: Personal Sabotage

Negative feedback can be very helpful

Group Sabotage

How group sabotage can be good information

November 1, 2012: More Caring and Less Carrying?: Political Diversions, Part I

Diversions can be Deluding

More Caring and Less Carrying?: Political Diversions, Part II

Diversions are, well, diversions.

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