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eThoughts : Decisions, Part II

Brought to you by A Beta-Society Member Speaking Up™, a division of Book-in-Drawer Publications™. “Sir, What is the secret of your success?” a reporter asked a bank president. “Two words.” “And, sir, what are they?” “Good decisions.” “And how do you make good decisions?” “One word.” “And sir, what is that?” “Experience.” “And how do […]

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eThoughts : July 1, 2009: Commencement, Graduation, Discipline, Freedom, and Stewardship

I was not the keynote speaker, but I was asked to give a speech at graduation—a tough job I think. I’ve heard a ton of them before during these ceremonies and I only remember part of one. But I think there is something to be noted, so I noted it and kept it short—under five […]

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eThoughts : Legality and Stewardship

Part of the series It’s All Been Said Before™ (© 2006), a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications.™ Before leaving this line of thinking that has occupied the last few postings, I’m going to take another stab at it. Next time I’ll have to find something a little funnier to write about—too much seriousness seems to make […]

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