November 1, 2016: Excalibur, Betrayal, Acceptance, and Love

Acceptance is reserved for those times and places where nothing else good can be accomplished. Hoo-nōs

Considering all the good that can be accomplished, true acceptance is a rather rare occurrence. Temporary acceptance is another issue, as in getting some rest before the next effort to contribute some good.

Let’s call the effort to contribute to good like pulling Excalibur out of the stone. It’s impossible to do so if it’s not your sword and it’s easy if it is. Let’s consider we all have our Excalibur to pull out of the stone. Though it’s a sword, our Excalibur is best not carried as a weapon, but as a stewardship. Yet in the process of that stewardship, there will be betrayal of one kind or another (read abandonment). Nonetheless, our betrayals, given and received, are best not worn as yokes as they too are a stewardship. And love, as near as I can tell, realized sometimes through broken heart and bone, can only be deeply felt when our weapons and our yokes are released, which can be difficult to do when we are so use to wearing them.

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