October 9, 2016: Craziness, Busyness, Consequences, and Navigation

It’s all very interesting—by way of bottom lines first.

It can be crazy, though that’s what we choose when we create it or participate in it. Madness is another matter and may not involve choice—think zombieism, like rabies, etc.

It can be busy, some of which is a choice and some of which is not. There is the necessity of “chopping wood and carrying water” and then there is the busyness designed to make one think they’re actually accomplishing something. The former can be a choice I suppose, as in choosing to ignore what is really needed—think eating or hydrating, etc. The latter is optional and may be beneficial or it may be just circling in the woods.

Whether it’s crazy or busy, choice or not, there are consequences. Speak up and there will likely be feedback of some kind or another. Keep quiet and there will likely be feedback of some kind or another. Engage in an interpersonal relationship—children, spouse, colleagues, etc.—and there will be consequences, whether good, bad, or indifferent. Be alone and there will be consequences. And so on.

However, whether drought, storm, the sweet spot of being, the craziness or busyness of being, there is navigation. If we are in the midst of any of it, we might just need to navigate. Getting pissed off might serve as motivation, but the bleed-off of energy might also contribute to the problem, or create a problem where there wasn’t one.

All of it (we get to figure out what “it” is) requires navigation of some kind or the other—whether riding it out or sitting with it.

Perhaps how we navigate is up to us, whether we have a rudder or are simply bobbing along.

In any case, it’s all very interesting.

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