December 7, 2013: The Time It Takes to Have Time

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Have you noticed it takes a lot of time to have time?

It’s a lot of work to not have much to do. And if you’re the kind of being who likes to sit and watch sunrises or sunsets or birds flit about or if you like to sit and watch a fire burning warmly in the fireplace or to go and see a movie at the last minute or just go somewhere—like follow a road just because—it can be hard because it takes so much time to simply have the time.

Of course if you are the kind of person who doesn’t know what to do with unencumbered time, having time may drive you nuts, unless you need more time to do more stuff.

Bonus Round?:
And how risky is it to work hard to have sufficient enough money to live without working? I mean it can be tough to just have enough money whilst working. Perhaps retirement is a stupid endeavor. But then we’d have to have a working life punctuated by a lot of vacation time.

Bonus Round II?:
I wonder how it would work out if we have 32-hour work weeks, with an hour lunch along with a minimum of 2-weeks off every three months? Might not be so much unemployment. Might even be more production. And with the necessary increase in workforce and others knowing about the job, I wonder about how much less an economic impact absenteeism and tardiness would be?

Oh well, it’s time to watch the sunset…

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