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eThoughts : February 1, 2011: Sleepless in Nuevo

eThoughts : February 1, 2011: Sleepless in Nuevo Brought to you by Men Give up Ribs,™ a subsidiary of Conscious/Unconscious, Figure/Ground Reality, AKA Red-Monkey Butt Alchemy,™ a division of Book-In-A-Drawer Publications.™ ©2011: All rights reserved, of course. “I’ve got to go to the bathroom,” says she, as though asking for permission. “Okay,” says I. “I’ll […]

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eThoughts : July 1, 2008: Vulnerability, Part I

Okay, I could write about a lot of contemporary things like the credit crunch, the collapsing housing market, gasoline prices, global warming, the presidential election, etc. (note to the sarcastic ones out there: I didn’t say I could write about them well, I just said write). But a lot of people, and competent ones at […]

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Renewal Sixty-Five : Allowing Love Instead Of Hurt

Not only do we not know how to create critical periods intentionally, we also don’t seem to know how to do them without pain. I previously mentioned that critical periods could arise through such things as the death of one close to us, the death of a relationship, psychotropic drugs, disease, etc. These are not […]

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