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eThoughts : Slouching Towards Thriving?

Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments when he was merely stupid. Heinrich Heine Beware again, now it’s random musing that follows. The ants used to build colonies in the garage. I chased them out many times. Then they came to forage and I was okay. As it turns out, it is not […]

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eThoughts : June 1, 2008: Ben Stein’s Movie

I recently saw Ben Stein’s movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, which was at times an annoying blend of Al Gore’s and Michael Moore’s movie styles. Though I think the subject of creationism, intelligent design, Darwinism, and evolution is an important subject and should be on the discussion table, I just don’t think the proper variables […]

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eThoughts : Change and Maintenance

I finally had enough sense to get out into the hills recently and breathe. All of these nagging possessions are still having a go at me—and I live rather modestly. My muse has all but deserted me and I think it shows. In my best state of being, I can get still and become a […]

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Renewal Fifty-Nine : The Mutable Immutables

(For a more detailed look at the principles of volitional evolution go to: Chapter 24: Resetting The Compass. For a look at thoughts about assessing the energy in our lives and the Big Rip instead of the Big Bang, go to: Chapter 55: The Best Answers Arise In The Space Between Thought And Deed.) I […]

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