eThoughts : Change and Maintenance

I finally had enough sense to get out into the hills recently and breathe. All of these nagging possessions are still having a go at me—and I live rather modestly. My muse has all but deserted me and I think it shows. In my best state of being, I can get still and become a conduit—such as I am able. But in a world of to-dos, the constant whirling seems to put me off center. I don’t live to work in the traditional sense, even if I know that having work is important. But we have work anyway—so I’m not worried—and that work is to polish our awareness. Everything we do is best done with that in mind. But we have to know our limitations—how long can we try and unencumber our awareness when it is being assaulted faster than we can keep it clean? We each have a different threshold, but we all have a point that stuff becomes attached faster than it can be loosened. Even prophets head out into the hills, leaving God knows how many people just standing there who need to be healed. And we get pissed off if a cashier closes a line when we’re next? So, what would a legitimate prophet do? At some point s/he would go be alone and away from the healing and preaching to-dos. Good example I think.

What we can take from this thread is that it isn’t just our tangibles that need maintenance, it’s also our intangibles. Besides our awareness, love needs maintenance, relationships, emptiness, etc. Maintenance is big. And it may just be that maintenance of our tangibles is doomed, even if it is necessary. Sooner or later our stuff will fall apart and need replacing no matter how long we’ve managed to keep the status quo. However, maintenance of our intangibles is anything but doomed. In fact, it just may be that intangible maintenance is exactly what enables a positive evolution. Far from maintaining a status quo, intangible maintenance creates opportunity—the opportunity to appropriately change. And change is the nature of things. Now that’s a seemingly odd couple for sure—change and maintenance. Maybe we might want to re-think the concept of what maintenance really is. At least regarding areas like awareness, love and relationships, maintenance may keep us free rather than just busy. And free is a lot better place to breathe, to smile, and to love.

So, just where is this place of breathing, smiling, and loving and what do we need to undergo to evolve, to change? Maybe it’s not about evolving, maybe the necessary evolution has already occurred. Maybe, as I suggested, it is a matter of changing our minds. How long do we need to linger in the cocoon when we have already developed the wings to fly?

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