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eThoughts : June 1, 2008: Ben Stein’s Movie

I recently saw Ben Stein’s movie, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, which was at times an annoying blend of Al Gore’s and Michael Moore’s movie styles. Though I think the subject of creationism, intelligent design, Darwinism, and evolution is an important subject and should be on the discussion table, I just don’t think the proper variables […]

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Renewal Sixty-Three : The Paradox Is Complete, Creation Continues

I’ve spent much of today feeling very precarious about the necrotic energy spots on the human energy field, not to mention the earth’s energy field. This has really manifested itself in my re-examination of relationships (work, family, personal). Did I do the best I could? Am I doing the best I can? Certainly I’ve been […]

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Renewal Four : Stories With Sharp Teeth

Renewal Four : Stories With Sharp Teeth After all of these recent changes, the loss of my mother and an intimate relationship, there is a dullness that seems to pervade me, like I’m some thick, gelatinous blob that is moving infinitely more slowly than my intention to move. Still, I hear

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