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eThoughts : The End of Crucifixions

And while I’m at it… I’m sick of honoring the crucifixion as though it needs to be emulated. The entire point of the crucifixion was for that kind of cruelty to cease. However, we still nail ourselves and each other to the cross on a regular basis. We engaged in suffering as though the scar […]

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eThoughts : Communion and Crucifixion

When my mother passed away in February of 2002 and my third love and I went our separate ways, I wrote Renewal as a way to heal. Renewal, however, was a hard time coming, so I took up writing some more—now listed as eThoughts on my website (travisgibbs.com for those of you that may not […]

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eThoughts : Celebrate Eating the Apple?

Speaking of reporting, yet owning that it could be a spin (which is why we make and compare our reports to begin with), it seems to me that instead of crying out about what Eve did, we need to celebrate it. That deed in the Garden of Eden is at least as worthy of celebrating […]

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