eThoughts : The End of Crucifixions

And while I’m at it…

I’m sick of honoring the crucifixion as though it needs to be emulated. The entire point of the crucifixion was for that kind of cruelty to cease. However, we still nail ourselves and each other to the cross on a regular basis. We engaged in suffering as though the scar of it is a badge of honor. It isn’t.

We can love and we don’t have to suffer for it. We can work and we don’t have to suffer. We can live and we don’t have to suffer. We don’t have to make others suffer either.

Why be in loveless relationships? Because they fit the mold we were told? I’ve never chosen to love, it just comes up on me, sometimes to my despair. And it goes away a lot as well, at least as a loving reciprocal relationship. And every time it has left, it was because of fear of what would be if we stayed on the same track. Hey, if it’s love, it’s love. If it isn’t, then it’s time to go. Otherwise, it’s fear that we honor and build an alter to, not love. Can we love again? You bet, we can. That’s yet another beauty about creation. It seems to me that from any given point, there is a doorway to Paradiso. But that doesn’t mean we have to kill beauty to see that door. We could just as well honor it and see it. But we don’t much value learning the easy way, it just doesn’t seem right. Right. More crucifixion at work I’m thinking. If we leave love because of fear, that will make the next love seem so much more precious? I suppose it could. But I notice it doesn’t seem to pan out that way. Fear still seems to be the default, not love. It’s always something and we always seem to recreate what our main compass heading is. So if it’s fear…

And we have to dehumanize others at work because…? If you want to be a big person on your work block, it really isn’t likely to happen if you’ll stoop at anything to get there. That’s not being a learned being, that’s being a bully. I suppose we could do an end run around the issue by changing titles. How about CBO, as in chief bullying officer? Or Customer Bully Representative instead of Customer Service Rep? How about Professor of Bullying or Doctor of Bullying? Students could major in bullying—it appears to be a growth industry in an otherwise declining economy. And one doesn’t have to bully from the top down, one can also bully from the bottom up—as in passive-aggressive bullying. Students or “lesser” employees could just act like they don’t see what the big deal is in giving their work to others. I mean if we’re going to continue to crucify, we might as well come right out with it instead of acting like we’d really like to stop the suffering.

Look, life isn’t about crucify or be crucified. That’s not what the prophets have been saying. They’ve been saying that we can actually stop the process and live better and freer and more beautifully. But no, we’ve got to make all of these promises to whatever God to use us in any way possible for “his or her” or some person-pronoun’s glory. But to have that commandment be to love and live beautifully, well that just sucks and that’s just too darn hard and all bets are off. That which comes easily is that which is clearly not worth it. We need some suffering to value beauty. And since it’s thus, we are free to dispense some suffering as well—it’s all part of the contribution to our ultimate betterment.

We’re a bunch of idiots. How’s that? Everyone should feel much better now.

Any devilment that I want to be a part of is about good mischief, not about deciding whose essence is good or evil or some shade of grey. Sure, we can say and believe some stupid crap, but that doesn’t make us less than, it makes us saying and believing some stupid crap. But one odd thing about this journey is that we’re not on the boat alone. So whether I want to be part of any good mischief or beauty will only go so far. And that brings us back to being a community. And to me speaking my piece.

If I’m the idiot in speaking and doing, then point it out other than just having contempt. If I’m not being stupid and actually have some worthwhile point in all of this somewhere, then let’s get this party started. After all, while I’m quite sure that enlightened beings can cross the threshold to Paradiso without others, I’m not likely one of them, and neither are most of you.

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