May 1, 2014: More on Personality

It may be inappropriate to decide personality is the problem, especially when the problem is big. If we go with personality-solving rather than problem-solving, it’s down a rabbit hole for sure. The former is a nearly impossible task, the latter can be, but at least we’re trying to solve something that could be solved.

What difference does it make if we don’t like someone’s personality IF they have good problem-solving ideas? What difference does it make if they don’t? What if they are not only poor problem solvers, but actually make things worse? Even in that latter case, we still have to solve the problem, eh? Is it more efficient to solve the “take over the world syndrome” or to solve the way such a personality goes about it?

However, when it comes to whom we like, personality can matter.

Bonus Round?:
Let’s go with what matters—if anything does?

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